Go see DEVOTCHKA next week, on us!

If you are lucky that is! So devotchka is playing next week on 9/16 with Rupa & The April Fishes
@ the El Rey and I’ve got a pair of tickets to give away. (Here’s a bunch of photos I shot of them at Swervefest last year) Who wants ’em? Not so fast there music fans. I only have one pair to give away so you gotta win me over some how. I guess, um, tell me why you want them. Best reason, decided by me, get’s ’em. Bonus points if you post a video. And if you don’t want to fight over tickets you can just pick up some on your own here.

Tickets are gone, thanks for playing!

6 thoughts on “Go see DEVOTCHKA next week, on us!”

  1. Because I Cried Like a Silly Boy, Til the End of Time, overwhelmed by this Ocean of Lust for those tickets. Pick me please!!

  2. It would be really awesome to see Devotchka at the El Rey tomorrow and even more awesomer if I won these tickets! Please, Pretty PLEASE… with a cherry on top! ;)

  3. Because I love the sound of Mariachi infused with Russian sounds. Their music is so amazing that even my old Mexicano pops diggs them! And he doesn’t like very many artist.

  4. Because Devotchka are old-timey/new-timey, and I’m old-timey/new-timey. And so they and I should be in the same place at the same time. Which is both old and new. The time, I mean.

    I saw them at Swerve last year too! You & I, we shared lawn.

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