The United Hates Of America

I remember a post on L.A. Observed during the Democratic National Convention a couple weeks back about a foot-in-mouth insertion our City Controller Laura Chick made while on the convention floor. When asked by an AP reporter to pick her Best & Worst States Evar, Chick picked California as her fave (duh!), then did absolutely nothing to endear herself to me or my family’s home state when she said, “Alabama, I guess, I just have this feeling that there is lingering prejudices there, but maybe that’s totally unfair on my part.”

Now, before anyone goes straight from here to the comments with “But wait a minute, are you being a sentimental idiot and denying that Alabama’s historically been a bastion of segregation and repression and these attitudes continue to exist there today?” Nope, I’m not denying that at all. Chick could have used any of several southern states as an example and I’d still wince and wish she could have had the intelligence not to take such a baited question. Because my point is hate or subjugation or “lingering prejudice” isn’t relegated to borders. It’s everyfuckingwhere.

Like Culver City, for example.

See coincidentally, the morning after Chick’s gaffe while on my bike ride to work along Ballona Creek approaching the Overland Avenue overpass, I passed some hate graffiti replete with a swastiki (sprayed by a skinhead with a really poor grasp of the concept of color contrast) on a large access gate at the back of a Culver City property that fronts on Jasmine Avenue (thumbtacked via Gmap here).

I thought fleetingly about stopping to grab a snapshot to send to Chick advising her that lingering prejudices can be found anywhere: some coming forth from civic leaders who can’t keep their mouths closed when the opportunity to fellate a microphone presents itself, some sprayed on the walls. But I didn’t.

Fast forward to a couple days later and I found that some spraybanger with the Los Sureños gang (aka “Sur 13”) added their higher-contrast touch to the evil (pic after the jump).

That’ll “SURtainly” show them neo-nazis, homie!

That stayed put until the shitkicker that left me locking up my bike tires and skidding to a stop this morning  in shock and awe of the partial paint-out that took pains to get the gang moniker gone and leave the hate intact:

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say (or at least hope) that it’s safe to assume this tag buff was not the work of the Culver City agency assigned to these clean-ups. I’m pretty sure that municipality or the specific department involved doesn’t condone those who promote such a foul thing. So that leaves me to wonder if the owner of this property (assuming it’s a residence) is behind such a rancid “restoration,” or if the white-power rangers themselves did the job.

Whatever the answer, it’s all very pathetic and disgusting. And right here in our own backyards.

PS. This morning I submitted a long-overdue graffiti removal request to the city of Culver City.

8 thoughts on “The United Hates Of America”

  1. At least our local papers don’t run ads by the KKK for “christian camps” for like minded individuals.

    The sad thing is just when I think we are making progress something like this pops up to slap you back to reality.

  2. I can’t speak much to Alabama, but having spent time working on projects in Tennessee and Northern Florida, I can say that the racism is anything but lingering in some parts of the country… its alive and well.

    Bigots do exist everywhere, but while LA certainly has a lot of lingering racism I think we’re far ahead of some parts of the country.

  3. Happy to see LA defended, but my point wasn’t meant to be about where racism and bigotry thrives mightiest nor what state or city is the leader of that pack. And as the incident provoking this post took place in Culver City, L.A. wasn’t even on my radar.

  4. This kind of thing has been a problem in Culver City for awhile along with parts of Westchester, Playa Del Rey and Venice (well LA has a gang problem within its lower socioeconomic spheres and as we see from Will’s picture, it can go across race lines), less so now, because gentrification knows no race…lol…yeah very odd, one gang graffiti gone the other gang graffiti left up, weird, maybe they think it’s art.

  5. That’s bizarre. I wouldn’t guess it’s a city paint-over either, though it does look an awful lot like the dull gray that municipal crews use to paint out writing on concrete block walls.

  6. My take is, there’s no shortage of idiots anywhere. They just tend to be more open about it down South.

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