Arclight *FINALLY* has a new website

ArcLight Experience Site

I won’t waste your time telling you about this, we’ve all been bitching about it for ever, and finally Arclight has launched their new site. Check it out. I haven’t spent much time with it admittedly so if it sucks still then I apologize for mentioning it, but I’ve got high hopes.

7 thoughts on “Arclight *FINALLY* has a new website”


    Actually, it isn’t a new website, just an interactive presentation for the Arclight. This was released before the Sherman Oaks location opened.

    Clicking the “buy tickets” page brings you to the same ol ticketing site.

  2. What he said. It’s just a flashy annoying and more confusing splash page to battle through before going to the same ticketing site. Talk about lipstick on pigs…who exactly told them this was a good idea?

  3. Arclight’s problem is they’re resting on their laurels. They’ve got a great thing, but they’re not finding ways to improve, nor fix existing problems. So much room for someone to do it better.

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