Hey KCRW! Thanks a lot!

I finally forgave Ruth Seymour for firing Sandra Tsing Loh and joined KCRW during their recent membership drive. The free Mini Cooper convertible and trips to London and Japan eluded me in the prize drawings, as did a herd of Apple products like all manner of laptops and iPods.

BUT I was given an option of receiving a free one-year subscription to Newsweek magazine. “Why not?” I thought– as a bittersweet ode to dead tree journalism as well as a contrarian statement against the ubiquity of the interwebs and all they have visited upon ink-on-paper outfits.

“Why not?” I mused. How unhipster-ish, even old-fashioned, will I look as I sip my $9 latte at Intelligentsia or LA Mill whilst thumbing through the glossy weekly as others peck at their wafer-thin MacBook Airs and sleek iPhones, networking and news-snacking.

When the first issue (above, left) arrived last week with the happy, chipmunky-smiling nemeses of my political bent beaming defiantly at me from the cover, I grunted in disgust at the unsettling irony of it all. But when the second issue (above, right) arrived today, I actually almost started to cry a little.

KCRW, even you?! Is Karl Rove behind all of this? Ruth?!

4 thoughts on “Hey KCRW! Thanks a lot!”

  1. I’ve never been able to forgive Ruth for firing Sandra, either. Cuz that meant that I have to listen to her on KPCC–and her overly-smug delivery always makes me lunge for the volume knob…

    The only other voice on NPR that makes me do that? George Dubya…

    But, I DO completely understand your Newsweek Cover Tears!

  2. I too volunteered at KCRW and was offered the Newsweek subscription, but decided to forego it. After seeing those covers, I’m glad I did.

  3. Look at it this way: the more coverage Palin gets the more likely it is that she wears out her welcome. Behind the cool facade is puppet. Her RNC speech was written by George W. Bush’s speechwriter.

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