Donating Platelets In Los Angeles

Platelets! Get your fresh platelets here!

Today my friend Sarah made good on a birthday gift: she donated platelets with me at the UCLA Blood and Platelet Center. We carpooled to Westwood and filled out all of our forms then picked dvds to watch and relaxed on the comfy recliners as we were relieved of our platelets.  

If you donate blood, great! Have you considered donating platelets?  I’ve written about this before, but a community can never have too many platelets.  They only last about four days, so unlike blood, they can’t be stored long term. But also unlike blood, your body replaces the missing platelets in your body within 24-48 hours, so you can donate more often.  Win!

And if you only thought that the Red Cross collected blood/platelets and their locations were too few and far between, please know there are many places to donate in LA. Check this google search.

Read more about the UCLA Center and their many ways of saying thanks after the jump.  

(The photo is of my very own platelets, donated just a few hours ago.)

I know you would donate simply for the good it does the community.  But isn’t it also nice to be thanked and rewarded for what you’ve done?  At UCLA they have in the past given me three free movie ticket passes to either Pacific Theaters or AMC (my choice) for each donation.  Since I’m giving my time (donation can take from two to three hours) they reciprocate with time value items — three free movies! 

This time, they had free t-shirts to give and you could choose between movie passes, Starbucks, Subway, Jamba Juice and In-N-Out gift certificates. Dood! I opted for the In-N-Out gift certs (being a good Angeleno) and she handed me not one, not two but three, count them three $5 gift certs! Will Campbell? Time to hit the LAX In-N-Out and watch planes land, my treat!

There was also a giveaway you could enter. During the summer they gave away a MacBook computer. This fall they are giving away UCLA football and basketball game tickets.  

And of course at the end, there is juice and cookies. (That used to be all I needed!)

The staff at UCLA is friendly and kind and full of smiles and laughter. They are genuinely glad to have you come and donate. I’m not sure when my next donation will be but if I gave you a head’s up for a Saturday donation, would you join me there? Then you can work your way up to your “2 Gallon” donation pin like I got today. (Yes, I do rule.)

Thanks for the great birthday gift Sarah.

4 thoughts on “Donating Platelets In Los Angeles”

  1. Happy Birthday, Baby!

    And I rocked those 3 In-n-Out Burger gift cards, too — and just came back from having dinner there. Thanks UCLA!

    And thank YOU, Julia, my friend!

  2. Please note that Red Cross sells their donated platelets to area hospitals and other service providers. If you are interested in donating, please do so at places such as City of Hope where the donations will go directly to patients. They also provide goodies like cookies, gift certificates to In n Out, theater passes, t-shirts, etc. I’ve been donating platelets for about 15 years and have found it to be one of the most gratifying experiences knowing that each donation helps a bunch of cancer patients (especially the kids).

  3. I used to regularly donate platelets at the Red Cross but I usually ended up tired and nauseated for the rest of the day. Whole blood doesn’t take it out of me as much.

    I really enjoyed donating platelets, especially being able to bring my own movie to watch while I donated.

    Also, if you donate at City of Hope they can put you on the bone marrow registry and they don’t charge you for the testing fees associated with that.

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