Free Tickets to Tricky This Friday Night!!!!

Okay, so if you’re a Tricky fan…. and who isn’t, (I’ve loved him since Massive Attack days) now’s your chance!  He’s playing this Friday night, September 12th at the Fonda in Hollywood.  Show starts at 8.  If you want to go for free, just write in the comments why you love Tricky’s sound.  Our esteemed panel of experts will pick three lucky entries for 2 free tickets each!  What could be easier?  If you participate, make sure and use an email address where we can contact you to get in touch.

13 thoughts on “Free Tickets to Tricky This Friday Night!!!!”

  1. Tricky is still one of my favourite artists after all these years. His voice must have its own category.

  2. fine, you finally made me register just so that I could enter this contest ’cause I love me some Tricky!

  3. The sound => Mos Def meets Thievery Corporation (or Massive Attack ;-) ). I love Tricky but have never seen him live.

  4. The first Tricky album I ever heard was Maxinquaye (like a lot of people) – this guy in college that I was crushed out on borrowed 10 bucks so he could buy it. I ended up marrying the guy and buying a lot more Tricky. I think my favorite is Tricky Kid on Grassroots – there is something so insistent and clever and loaded about that track. Getting to finally see him live would really mean a lot to the both of us.

  5. Tricky’s sound is the perfect score for discovering a new city. Protection was my album of choice during my semester abroad in Madrid, and it makes you feel like the center of the universe, if only for the length of the song.

  6. You finally made me register, damn you!

    I absolutely love Tricky. The first time I heard his music was in high school, and it sounded so different from anything else I had ever heard, I just adored it! I actually heard Tricky before I had ever heard Massive Attack, but the music is just so transcendental, it takes me to a better place.

  7. I love Tricky because of the way his wife sings some of his tunes- it completely changes so much of the lyrics in amazing ways:

    I mean, the sound of a sexy woman singing:
    “Nevertheless they could not understand
    That I’m a black man, and I could never be a veteran.
    On the strength of situations, I’m real.
    I got a raw deal, so I’m lookin for the steel
    Looking for the steel.”

    Plus, I lost my lesbian virginity to the song “Hollow” which should count for something!

  8. because tricky is the f*ing man,

    “They used to call me tricky-kid
    I live the life they wish they did
    I live the life, dont own a car
    Now they call me superstar”

    seriously, am a huge fan, have listened forever, the nearly god disc made with bjork= even more amazing!!!

  9. One of my favorite bands (in some ways it could be characterized as my original favorite band) in high school was Massive Attack. It was that kind of music that first made me realize the beauty and joy music could give to someone. I connected with the second girl I ever kissed over the beautiful voice of Tricky. We would spend hours talking with it playing in the background.

    My excitement over his new album is just overflowing. From what I’ve heard so far, it absolutely blows me away! I’ve never had the opportunity to see him live, and hopefully you’ll let me make all my friends (that I happened to turn on to Massive Attack and Tricky) very jealous!

    Plus I think you’re the BEST writer on, and your stories are always super interesting.

  10. tricks and me was mates from knowle west right. he went off to fame and fortune. i tried to make it with banjo trance. no luck. almost got off with that sad girl from portishead though. she said i stank like goat piss with an extra side of garlic sauce. don’t get sexier than that right? if it counts for anything i made 4 girls and one skinny boy loose their lesbian virginity to tricky songs. i also watched a dog and a pig do it to iron maiden’s “bring your daughter….to the slaughter”. made me throw up in my mouth. i live in la now and work in a library. want to see my mate. throw me a bone, blogfriends. there’s free bookmarks in it for ya!

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