LA Country Fair FTW!

$22 beers
$22 beers

Yesterday was Opening Day at the LA County Fair.  After picking up the little girl from school, we braved Friday afternoon traffic to make it there before 5pm, so we could take advantage of the $1 entrance fee.  Once in, the our focus was food.  But first for drinks where 2 large (20 oz.) beers ran for $11 each.  We learned later that the going price throughout the rest of the campus was $10.  At any rate, we quickly made a beeline to the best BBQ in the whole place, the kiosk across from the grandstand.

Since it’s the fair, it’s practically a law that deep-fried things be available for the public.  There were some things that seemed to have gone missing, like deep-friend Coke, but then there were others that just left you scratching your head.  Deep-fried corn-on-the-cob, deep-fried White Castle burgers and Pop-Tarts, to name a few.

We got to see a parade of classic cars, local high school bands and businesses. Bonus of going Opening Day, no one is tired of doing the same thing over and over.  There’s a huge pirate set up with a band, the Vagabond Pirates, in the short time we were near them, we heard them sing the theme to Spongebob Squarepants 4 times. I can’t imagine what they’ll think of the song two weeks from now. Naturally, we also went to view the baby animals which is always a good way to calm the kids down.  MTV has this ginormous RockBand set up (video), where you can play in front of hundreds of fair attendees.

Since we went without friends this year (best idea ever!) we weren’t forced to look at every single shopping hall.  We did go into one, luckily the one with the “Going Green” booths, so at least my interest was held for a few minutes before I got distracted by the idea of fair pickles.

For more info, you can reference my earlier post or visit the fair’s website.  You can also see more of my pics on flickr.