Focused Speed Enforcement in Pasadena Monday 9/8

September 6, 2008 at 7:49 am in Announcements, Driving, San Gabriel Valley

It is back to school time.  It is time to be aware of speed in particular areas around the schools and the major intersections leading to them.  Every year a child or crossing guard are lost when a driver not used to the pedestrian traffic doesn’t realize pedestrian traffic is up and forgets to reduce their speed around schools.

Pasadena PIO puts out the notice that Monday 9/8 from 7AM to 3Pm to watch your speed.  You can read her own post “Do You Feel The Need For Speed” for all of the details.

Neighboring Arcadia PD is concerned with safety and the Police Officers Association has some good information to keep in mind now that the schools are all back in session.

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Tom over at the Arcadia Police Officers Blog has a couple of other bits to help remind you about safety around our schools in his posts “School Bus Red Lights” and “School is Back in Session“.

Be safe, keep our kids safe and avoid an EXPENSIVE ticket by just being aware and not in a hurry.

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