Biking to Work 101

Not on the 101, Gosh! What could have given you that crazy idea? I mean lessons! In previous posts here about biking around Los Angeles some folks have said they’d ride more often if they knew where to ride or routes that they were comfortable with. Well, now is your chance, check out this craigslist posting:

I am an experienced rider in Los Angeles and I would love to get you started on your way to a car free commute! I cover all of Los Angeles from Burbank to Inglewood from Santa Monica to North East Los Angeles. I will meet you at your desired starting point and ride w/ you to a final destination. I will equip you with the confidence you need to be a daily bike commuter! We will discuss a combination of bicycle and public transit, to work towards a car free lifestyle! Save money on gas! Get some exercise! Start your day w/ F.U.N! I will also provide you a printed or emailed copy of the route and (1) alt. route for when you’re ready to mix things up! Please e-mail for rates and to make an appointment!

Sounds like a perfect introduction to me. If you are interested drop a line to [email protected]

8 thoughts on “Biking to Work 101”

  1. Better yet, (when it’s working) tailors routes around LA to your ability level, and hill tolerance.

  2. jeremy:
    bikemetro was good for routes, but it sounds like Nicole’s shop clientele are concerned about safety and handling. I say kudos to anyone who gets people riding in straight lines, whether they’re paying for it or not. (Thanks, willcampbell!)

  3. I think this is great. If this person marketed this correctly I could see it being very successful or at the very least starting an awesome nonprofit.

    There are people who pay people to jog them around the park so and to walk their dog. That exercise bootcamp is like 500 dollars for one month!! And they just yell at you and make you run up stairs.

    But this seems to be a very mindful and awesome way to help people and to survive. The economy is very bad for some people.

    It’s a true eco-conscious career endeavor.

    I think also we have to remember that not everyone is comfortable learning are starting a new physical activity in a group settings. It can be embarrassing to certain people if they feel as if they are not fast enough or agile enough or skilled enough.

    Think about yoga or even something like reading, how it is if you’re a little behind everyone else.

    I might actually do this. I’m a very dangerous bike rider. I’ve always wanted to do better, but I was a very dangerous car driver so it just translated into the cycling part of my life.

    Just putting it out there that I do not know this bicycle teacher, I just think it sounds very cool.

  4. Being a bit of a scaredy cat myself, I concur with Browne about getting some help right there next to me as I start. I like having someone objective I can ask all the dumb questions to while I’m getting my sea legs in whatever new situation it is.

    (Nice to see you again Browne! I was just wondering yesterday where you’ve been.)

  5. The password thing in regards to Metblogs is hard for me. I got a new computer. Moved twice. I can’t remember my password for my atm account, so for a website, that’s too much information for someone as absent minded as I am.

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