LA Has It All

Just got back from a mind-blowing trip to Northern California, Big Sur and up the coast of California. Unfortunately, on my first night in Berkeley, I parked in a sketchy area and my bag got stolen out of my car with my computer in it.  Soooooo, the whole trip was one without access and losing a lot of the work I’ve done in the last three months.  (I know, I know, I should back-up every day…..)

To make matters worse, I found out the hard way that car insurance covers very little when it comes to contents.   So yeah, a nasty financial hit.

However, back in Los Angeles, I am surprisingly super thankful.  One of the gifts of living in Los Angeles is the easy access we have to so many things.  And relatively cheaply.  Within a day, I’m typing on a brand-new never been out of the box Macbook Pro, which I bought on Craigslist, saving about $800 in the process.  I’m betting you can’t do that in so easily in Des Moines.  

The clothes, well they can be replaced over time… and the suitcase, well, there’s a slew of luggage stores here.  Visiting other cities, towns, even in California, you really get a hit on how much wealth we have here in LA, and much of it is free.  Yes, it’s harder to drive, park and buy property, just to name a few of the inconveniences of living in this wonderful city.  But in exchange, we get a huge pipeline to ideas, products, services and art that just don’t exist anywhere else.  

So even though I lost everything I had with me, I gained a new appreciation for my sweet home-town and all it’s inhabitants.  The loss wasn’t the eye opener, but it magnified the ease with which we operate with here in Los Angeles.

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  1. Hi Tammara, most people don’t know the difference between Comp/Collision. Actually most people don’t know how their auto and homeowners in general work to protect them and their assets.

    Did anyone tell you that the personal belongings stolen from the car would be covered under your Homeowners Insurance or Renters Insurance subject to a deductible? If not try them to help recoup your personal property losses.

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