Getty Center’s Hours Shrinking, Parking Cost Increasing

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Is the Getty Center hurting for money or something? Given the huge amount of funding they throw around in research fields, acquisitions and grants, seems like cutting their open hours back and increasing the cost of parking isn’t exactly the most effective area to be making cuts. But what do I know, I was only a hack assistant at LACMA for a year or so and I don’t know much ’bout the business of running a museum.

I’m just bummed because the best part of visiting the Getty, for me, wasn’t the art, but that thing that art always strives to capture but never fully can: the sunset. And while with autumn on its way sunset will, eventually, fall within that 5:30 cutoff, I still am sad to see the late hours go. But hey, if that’s what’ll let them keep paying for those fancy climate-controls in the galleries so the paintings don’t disintegrate, well, then I guess it’s ok.

The new hours posted here…the old hours show up here and here, although I suspect the times on those sites may be corrected in a day or two.

4 thoughts on “Getty Center’s Hours Shrinking, Parking Cost Increasing”

  1. This really sucks. It’s a place where, because of its huge endowment, should be a refuge from these kinds of cutbacks. Especially in these times, it should be a go-to place when you just want to hang out with the culturally literate. Instead, rather than promoting the opportunities, the museum is cutting back public access and raising prices. What is happening to the Getty is a shame.

  2. For an institution that has a massive oil-funded endowment, essentially accountable to no one but themselves, they sure do seem to be tightening their belt lately. Layoffs, increased parking fees, and shorter hours, makes me wonder if their involvement with the antiquities black market is catching up with them.

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