In Which This Cyclist Is Thankful He Wasn’t A Second Or Two Earlier

September 3, 2008 at 12:06 pm in Biking in LA, Driving, Transportation

You might recall last week’s post in which my bike commute timelapse capturings allowed me to illustrate on a frame-by-frame basis the hyper-awareness of a praiseworthy motorist whose cautious attentiveness allowed him to anticipate the child cyclist darting out in front of his vehicle and avoid a collision.

This morning, it’s entirely the other way around. There is no praise or thanks for the southbound motorist who viewed her stop sign at 4th Street as merely a suggestion. Only disdain and incredulity. And a bargain bouquet of cusswords.

There’s several things worth noting if you click to magnificate: 1) In the first frame she’s nowhere near the crossing; 2) In the fifth frame (enlargement after the jump) her expression is just the beginning of her mid-intersection realization that she was in the midst of a total FAIL. Her look evolved into a wide-eyed and gape-mouthed “Ohhhh!” as she turned and saw me looming beside her driver’s side window.  3) Also in the fifth frame one can make out nice scrape along the car door, shining through like a white badge of lame that’s potentially illustrative of a collision earlier in her commute or perhaps a past poor parking job.

Fortunately the timing involved with her under-caffeinated lack of road rule obeyance was perfect as the only thing she plowed through was the empty space between my front tire and the rear bumper of the car in front of me that had the foresight to speed up enough to clear the intersection before she got there.

Had I been a couple seconds ahead of my position the images I would have captured and the angles involved would have been decidedly different.

So in closing, let’s all practice a little extra care out there. Back-to-school always seems to thicken up the traffic this time of year, and with it a fair share of dunderheads such as Exhibit A:

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