Dwell on LA

There’s a piece in Dwell Magazine about Los Angeles where they talk to Matthew Coolidge of the Center for Land Use Interpretation about some of the things that make LA so very LA. It’s pretty fantastic as you can tell right from this opening paragraph:

“Los Angeles is a polarizing city. To some it is a paradise of beautiful beaches, buxom bodies, Beverly Hills, and the world’s most pimped-out cars—–a place where you, too, could be discovered, your name in lights, your star forever embedded in the Walk of Fame. To others, it is a glimpse of the apocalypse, one of the forecourts of hell, with its race riots, air pollution, earthquakes, wildfires, and overwhelming extremes of stupidity. Los Angeles is the kind of place some people refuse even to visit.”

The Q&A that follows is fascinating and well worth reading for anyone who loves or hates LA. Or both.

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