Creative Commons Salon in Silver Lake Tonight

Xeni with Bad Brains on her iPhoneIf you are at all interested in any kind of publishing or creative production you should know all about Creative Commons already. If you don’t, tonight is a good chance for you to learn. In short CC allows you retain ownership and some rights to work your create, while still allowing other people use, adapt, and pass it on, but if you come out to the CC Salon at FOUND Gallery [1903 Hyperion Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027] tonight you’ll hear much more detailed first hand accounts of how it works. Xeni Jardin [pictured here] of Boing Boing tv and Casey Caplowe, Creative Director of GOOD Magazine will be presenting and answering questions about how they use CC and how it’s benefited them, and how it can benefit you too. Come out, it’ll be fun!

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