Anti-Scientology protest this morning at Will Smith supported elementary school

The anti-Scientology group known as Anonymous announced that at 7:30am this morning they will be picketing outside of the New Village Academy private elementary school in Calabasas due to the school’s use of “Study Technology” developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. New Village Academy was founded by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

In a brief email exchange with “outed” Anonymous member Ryan Benno, aka Blvd Nights, explained:

We have decided that we will stay as far away as possibly away from the kids. None of us want to scare the kids at all. But this is a hugely profiled school and we want to bring attention to Study Tech. I personally think its robbing real education away from these kids. I am sure a few parents are unaware of what Study Tech is and most likely will like to know what we have to say. That is why we are doing it.

Benno adds that member of Anonymous have spoken with the Calabasas Sheriff’s Department to alert them to the protest.

A brief summary of what Study Tech is after the jump.

From the press announcement:

Study Tech is founded on three principles which seem to be the basis for most educational systems. However, the Study Tech books represent these principles in a different manner, which is an effective form of social control in the classroom. If one expresses disagreement with the material one is studying in Scientology,that’s taken as evidence of a misunderstood word (M/U). And each M/U must be located and cleared before moving on to other material.

If he expresses dislike for a subject, that is taken as evidence that he has a misunderstood word. Study Tech provides a convenient blame mechanism. In Scientology if a concept is not understood, it is always the fault of the student; never the fault of the teacher or source material.

Study Tech reinforces Hubbard’s demand that his idea not be re-interpreted, or even debated. He explicitly puts the emphasis on rote learning (or “duplication” in Scientology) rather than critical interpretation: “A misunderstood word keeps a person from duplicating what the written materials actually say” (Hubbard, “Method 9 Word Clearing The Right Way,” HCO Bulletin of 30 January 1973 revised 19 December 1979).

4 thoughts on “Anti-Scientology protest this morning at Will Smith supported elementary school”

  1. as much as i think religion is a crock of shit, i do not understand why it’s socially acceptable to bash this particular religion. and if this were a jewish school? is that cool too?

  2. For one, there are plenty of people that don’t consider Scientology to be a religion (and unless you’re willing to afford that privilege to what are essentially other self-help movements like the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” cult, I’m inclined to agree with them).

    But regardless of whether it would be “cool,” it would certainly be legal. Plus, I’m willing to be that there have been plenty of protests at other religious schools in this country.

  3. To all the Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Scientologist, Mormon, Islamic and whoever else I didn’t list people: “You are all a bunch or weirdos, please don’t try and make the rest of us go along with your weirdness.” Thank you!

  4. i’ll second that one bromike and i’d like to add the ANTI religos to that list. stop recruiting.

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