Monday Bullets: Even Though Today Is Tuesday

  • Whoops. L.A. forgot its own birthday again. Franklin Avenue calls the city out for being absent minded. And for being unable to spell. Fat kids everywhere are crying for cake.
  • CreepyLA is back as L.A.’s Halloween Blog. Interviews, event listings, haunted maps, and all that is creepy about Los Angeles. Do creepy celebs that are sill living count?
  • The diner is making a comeback in Downtown L.A., as Angelenic finds new restaurants opening up every day, and remnants of a bygone era revealed.
  • And the next hip artist spot is in…… Alhambra? UnHip LA wonders. Can Alhambra handle the influx of ironic T-shirts and skinny pants? Discuss.

Photo of The Nickel Diner in Downtown Los Angeles from angelenic

2 thoughts on “Monday Bullets: Even Though Today Is Tuesday”

  1. Since I’m an artist and I’m being forced to move to Alhambra (Hey, free house!) I HOPE it’s the next hip neighborhood. I’m tired of being too far ahead or behind the curve on that one.

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