1. The article, if real, is atrocious. Whoever wrote it/edited it used MySpace pages and unnamed witnesses to defame this woman. As if the injuries she sustained for her alleged behavior aren’t enough this “newspaper” basically lays out a pattern of reputed behavior that implies she deserved what happened to her.

    I’m holding out hope this is a sick gag because this is something that shouldn’t even come out of a middle school newslab.

  2. The website I provided I got from a google search. There really is a Canyon News (www.canyon-news.com) and if you explore the site, you’ll see it’s a real (if not high profile) newspaper.
    Some small town papers (and in some ways Canyon News seems like a small town paper) the editors/writers add their own personal slant to the news.

    You may not believe this is real, but it is…who needs the LAT all the time?

  3. Gabriele, a news organization doesn’t have to be small to slant the news it presents. But this article is not just a slant. It’s an irresponsible slam whose clear intent is to shame and defame.

    Using unnamed “witnesses” and MySpace pages to prove her alleged alcohol consumption that night and to skewer her as some sort of serial drunk? Yeah, that’s about as responsible as those sources are reliable.

    You ask who needs the LA Times all the time? Not me, but certainly at moments like this when media outlets such as Canyon News so openly thwart journalistic principles with such a blatant lack of regard for itself, its subject or its readership.

  4. This paper does exist, and it can be found as far east as Franklin Hills and Los Feliz. When I worked for Los Feliz Ledger, I would find the typographic nightmare that is the Canyon News often out near stacks of the Ledger at the beginning of each month along Hillhurst at the liquor store, Yuca’s and other places round that area. Although it has a Beverly Hills address, I recall it being done by a woman who lives atop Beachwood, near or above the stone gates—but it has been a couple of years so I am not sure if that is correct.
    In any case, it is an ongoing and through example of how NOT to do newspaper. At least the Hollywood Independent was decently arranged. (It, too, popped up over there twice a month.)

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