Melrose and Orange: The Art of Chase

Belgian artist/designer Chase’s “Awareness Geezers” at Melrose and Orange is starting to look a little tattered these days.

The Belgium-to-Culver City transplant’s distinct style looks out on LA area environs from walls, vehicles and his fashion line, 614. For me, what sets Chase’s work apart from other recognizable street art is the pointedly positive messages it sends, devoid of any irony.

3 thoughts on “Melrose and Orange: The Art of Chase”

  1. Nice post Chal, and you beat me by a couple of hours! I did some shooting of his work on Venice yesterday. Cool stuff, I like the bits of wisdom in with his work. Yes, they are getting tattered and worn, but maybe that is part of their cycle into antiquity?

    Raw unprocessed images from yesterday that I did. HDR stuff will eventually put up there as well.

  2. Yes, MA and as soon as Chal approves my comment from earlier you’ll be able to see some more of Chase’s work down in Venice, including some details.

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