where is frazgo?

Granite reflecting pool at the mystery spot
Granite "reflecting pool" at the mystery spot
  • It isn’t a reflecting pool, rather polished granite simulating one.  (Appropriate for our climate, right?)
  • It reflects the sky and the surroundings like the pools found in antiquity
  • It is surrounded by myths and mythology
  • It was first seen by the public 1/28/2006

It is the end of summer.  My kids and I fill the last week before school starts with just goofing off and seeing things.  This is one of my favorite spots to visit in all of LA.  My youngest shares my passion for the place.  My middle enjoys some of it.  My daughter just now gets the significance of what she sees there.  Any guesses?

Friday is our annual back to school pilgrimage.  Venice Beach.  One rude, crude socially unacceptable T-shirt each.  Water play if weather permits.  Lunch at the World Book Store on Ocean Walk then the grind of the school year starts.  Oh yeah, I get my life back 9/2 which is alright.

Pic by me with the trusty che-ez snap in all its .3 megapixel glory.

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  1. You crack me up MA, though I do drop stuff about my corner often its been weeks since I wrote something specific about here…though stay tuned I may need to break that streak shortly

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