7 thoughts on “Police arrest suspects in Playa del Rey home burglaries”

  1. damn that was fast, so the secret to resolution is to arm your house with cams? Nice to see the little ‘hoods are off the streets for a while.
    Anyone wanna lay odds that they’ll wind up being linked to a lot of burglary’s in the area?

  2. Damn good thing LAPD is on the job picking up “homeslices” and “‘hoods” robbing the west side of its life’s blood of silver-plated cutlery. (Can anyone here even start to divine the non-.999?) It ain’t as if 10 young girls were murdered over two decades in South Central might be something folk might worry about, as reported last week in the LA Weekly?

    Why not have some balls and just come out and state “nigger,” cowards?

    There is no doubt that the schmucks under review screwed up. But when was the last time that you schmoes made such comments about someone not black? Moreover, when was the last time one of you got out from behind you computer, came forth face to face with someone you seem so brazen about, and even started to state something as you did above? David, do you report on every crime in Los Angeles, or is your hick town of Los Angeles so friggin tiny as make this a big deal?

    I recall the same attitude when Timothy McVeigh had yet to be divined for the OK bombing, and the whole “cameljockey” and “sandnigger” was the word of the day—then it were revealed that it was a lone white guy. If these niggers define the entire black race, then why not are McVeigh, Jeffrey Dahmer and Paris Hilton role models observed in commensurate fashion? It is not as if all of you and your forgettable forebears could even add up to Mozart or even Waqner; all of you together would not be worthy of collecting their shit on a single day. You should pray to have the ability to steal, as it might be better appreciated than the dross you vomit above.

    And I have quite a bit more to reason to be riled about race and other cultures than all of you schmucks combined, my aforementioned outbursts notwithstanding: I lost a very dearly and close-loved one in lower Manhattan in September, 2001. I have lived round the world in countries you bumpkins could not point out on a map, and in southern states that you most likely could not identify beyond basic quadrants. A few of you do not even seem to be able to grasp rudimentary grammar. I would sooner go to war and personally kill in a way that you morons could not contemplate. But I am also cognizant of the way things are, and am able to defuse situations—as I do daily in downtown, being a white guy with a bad attitude whose daily presence on the streets is relatively well known.

    Maybe if you get away from mommy, you might understand that the world is not bounded by two polluted seas: the Pacific and the L.A. River. (Not that any of you ever worked for FoLAR, but I am hoping at least one of you know that there is a ditch here that serves as a river to your decrepit town.)

    Were it not for blogs, not one of you would be known outside your mother’s wretched womb. Print media would vomit up your daft demeanour before you could even grab a crayon.

  3. What is it you’re trying to say, Bustard? What the hell does race have to do with any of this? And what the hell does 9/11? Put down the bottle, or get on your meds.

    These morons were caught on camera, leading to my post. My previous post on crime regarded a guy I caught on camera where I live. I’d be posting the videos regardless of what race or sex they were… do you have any evidence to the contrary? Or are you simply projecting your own bigoted POV onto others?

    As for the serial killings in South LA – yeah – I covered this – 2 years ago.


  4. “What the hell does race have to do with any of this?” -David Markland

    I realise that you angelinos require baby steps.

    So let us start with the phrase of your colleague, frazgo: “little ‘hoods.” Perhaps you two might have enough brain cells to tell us that “little ‘hoods” means someone shopping on Rodeo Drive, or a Los Feliz resident? If so, the class would certainly like a credible reference cited. Just one. Even Max Boot, or National Review.

    “As for the serial killings in South LA – yeah – I covered this – 2 years ago.” You picked up a link from a the L.A. Weekly, and now you imply you broke it. I might as well sue you for “writing” seeing as I were being paid for writing before you could read.

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