Federal Rent-A-Pig Boots Van Nuys Woman from Building for Wearing “Lesbian.com” Shirt

In yet another infuriating example of how the war on terror has done little but empower bullies looking to live out their revenge fantasies, the Daily News reports that a guard working for a private firm on behalf of the DHS kicked a woman out of a federal building in Van Nuys for wearing a shirt bearing the phrase “lesbian.com.” The guard claimed that “The Rules and Regulations Governing Conduct on Federal Property” gave him jurisdiction over her clothing, though according to the News it doesn’t, in fact, address what type of clothing is allowed in Federal buildings. I’m tempted to don my years-old “Fuck Art, Let’s Kill” shirt and head up to Van Nuys to see if it merits a similar response.

15 thoughts on “Federal Rent-A-Pig Boots Van Nuys Woman from Building for Wearing “Lesbian.com” Shirt”

  1. Rent-A-Pig?


    Just because one single guard empowered himself to set his own interpretations on federal regulation, doesn’t mean you have to insult the entire law enforcement profession.

    Very uncool post.

  2. a.) this links to the war on terror because the security guard is contracted by the DHS, a government agency created for the war on terror.

    b.) Perhaps someone should organize a large group of folks wearing questionably offensive shirts (I’ve got one with two unicorns humping under a rainbow) to go visit the federal building in Van Nuys en masse. Maybe they could carry signs reading “I am not an actual security threat.”

  3. Can I wear my cute squirrel t-shirt with “stop staring at my nuts” boldly emblazoned on my chest?

    Sometimes the shit that goes on is more bizarre than you see scripted for tv. This falls into that category.

  4. As Burns! has kindly pointed out, the security guard is contracted by the DHS, a government agency created as a direct result of the “War on Terror.” Likewise, it’s the “War on Terror” that has made it widely acceptable to outsource Federal security operations to private companies. And, most importantly, it’s precisely the “War on Terror” that has created the environment in which amateur-hour security professionals believe they have the right to aggressively enforce all kinds of ridiculous made-up security regulations without being challenged.

  5. That rent-a-pig probably got pissed when he went to the site and found no hottie lesbian pics. I’m VERY concerned about the false promise of hot lesbian pics.

  6. George Bush keeps saying “the terrorists hate us for our freedom.” I guess he’s instructed his Dept. of Homeland Security and its contractors to take away our freedom, so that the terrorists won’t hate us anymore.

  7. Whatever happened to freedom of speech or expression? I guess the terrorists have turned our own goverment against us. Wow

  8. I don’t think this mess and snafu lies with anyone other than the rented security guy. I live next door to one of those types. He’s a freak, totally compensating for something lacking control over others kind of freak. Don’t blame the gov’t as freaks always interview well and you don’t know they are a mess until something like this happens.

    That said, when is the t-shirt rally.

  9. WOW! I have a friend who has a “Fuck Art Let’s Kill” shirt. You guys could go in as a team. Is your shirt for the band Chem Lab?

  10. Is your shirt for the band Chem Lab?

    No. I know that’s where the phrase originated, but mine’s just a cheap bootleg. I suppose in reality they’re all kind of for Chemlab.

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