Win tickets to see Hot Water Music this Friday

This Friday (the 29th) Hot Water Music is playing with Strike Anywhere and In The Red @ the El Rey and I’ve got a few tickets to give away. The HWM fans I’ve talked to about this are doing damn backflips to see these guys (who (un)officially broke up a few years ago) play again and my understanding is it’s going to be packed as all get out. I’m sure the show will be super fun, so if you want some free tickets post a comment and tell me what your favorite HWM song is and why. I’ll pick a few winners and send you on your way. Bonus points go to anyone with an HWM related tattoo who can show it off using the video comments. Go!

UPDATE: Ok, they are all gone! Thanks for playing!

6 thoughts on “Win tickets to see Hot Water Music this Friday”

  1. Sean, I’m going to say “you can’t take the boy out of Bradenton” ’cause I think if I pick that one you’ll hook me up with some tix.

  2. “Bleeder” from HWM’s split with Alkaline Trio. I know the song really only features Chuck Ragan, but you have to love how raw that song is. Bonus points for the ending: “Verdict? Oh, did I just fuck it up by talking there?”

  3. Without a doubt, “Remedy.” The whole song speaks to me, but specifically this line: “I must live to know that healing takes some time.”

    One of the greatest bands ever.

  4. Oh yeah, Sean– I should mention I’m going to Vegas tomorrow for the weekend, so I’m actually going to miss the show and I don’t need tickets.

    But you remember the show at the Utility House when HWM got back from going on tour the summer the Eating The Filler 7″ came out? That was CRAZY.

  5. Since Bleeder has been spoken for (Verdict?) I’ll say my favorite is Sons and Daughters. Or Loft. Or Our Own Way. Or Alright for Now. *sigh* I love Chuck Ragan.

  6. Stevejust – Maybe? All those shows from that time kind of blend together, Especially that tour. I remember a lot of stand out elements, but couldn’t tell you which city they happened in. Ha!

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