I’m a big, fat Radiohead loser, part 2

The conclusion to my better-late-than-never-but-still-a-loser ticket buying adventure for the Radiohead concert last night at the Hollywood Bowl.

Make that winner. The Radiohead concert last night at the Bowl, the second of a two-night stand in Los Angeles, was a riveting spectacle, musically as well as visually, and worth any amount one could afford.

And by purchasing the tickets I may have become an inadvertent donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign fund.

The $39 tickets that I bought online via Turbo Tickets cost me $115 each and arrived via Fed Ex with a PO box return address for DSP Productions in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

The original purchaser’s name, Douglas Preistap, was printed on the tickets. A search on his name produced a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign donor list with his name (and address, also in Rio Rancho NM) listed as a contributor of $500, given on March 19, 2008. He is listed as the owner of DSP Productions, although no information on what it produced was available.

Priestap was thoughtful enough to obscure the $39 price he paid with a black marker.

2 thoughts on “I’m a big, fat Radiohead loser, part 2”

  1. Great show, wasn’t it? I succeeded to get $65 seats for $100 after putting up a WANTED craigslist ad. It required a quick drive downtown for paper tickets, so no worry. Glad you made it in on DSP and his tix. I’m happy I didn’t have to pay much more than I would have with TM surcharges… they did sell a ton of tickets on their TicketsNow scalper site, but, word on the street is that Radiohead demands 110% of the door. At least they rocked it last night.

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