Found On Road Alive: TR7

Following in Frazgo’s footsteps on documenting unexpected cars alive and (seemingly) well on the streets of LA, I found this gem on my morning constitutional today.  The Triumph TR7.

This British import lasted from about 1975 to 1981 and had the dubious distinction of being on Time Magazine’s list of the 50 Worst Cars Of All Time. The TR7 joins the ranks with such classics as the ’71 Ford Pinto, the ’76 Chevy Chevette (“It will drive you happy!”) the ’78 Pacer, the ’85 Yugo and the ’86 Adobe.  (Oh wait, that was a Saturday Night Live sketch).

But the real reason it caught my eye was because years ago it caught my heart.  Click onto the way back button to learn more about the tv habits of my youth…

From January to June of 1980, there was this AWESOME tv show called “Tenspeed and Brownshoe” written and produced by the phenomenal and most revered, Steven J. Cannell. (Seriously, I love that guy.)  It starred Ben Vereen and Jeff Goldblum as two (get this!) complete opposites who work together as detectives in Los Angeles. I fell madly in love with Jeff Goldblum and his character drove this very car, so I fell madly in love with the car. (I was smart enough at 13 to realize I could never “have” Jeff Goldblum, but someday, I could probably have that car — next best thing.)  This was before Buckaroo Banzai came out which made me love Mr. Goldblum even more.

So to see this very vehicle brought me right back to 13 year old me, watching tv shows about the city I didn’t even know I could dream about living and working in someday, dreaming about driving a car driven by that dreamy detective.

4 thoughts on “Found On Road Alive: TR7”

  1. A buddy in college had one of these (his father was a top FBI guy). It had an aluminum motor that would melt. He went through three engines in two years. But it sure looked nice while he waited for the tow truck.

    Best TR was the 3.

    I drove Fiats, though, so I have no room to talk about mechanical problems. Anybody have a spare carbuertor needle? LOL

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