CBS2 isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions

A lot of people have been talking about Michelle Obama’s speech to the DNC last night, and our local crew at CBS2, as always, had their finger on the pulse of Los Angeles, challenging their viewers (and website readers) to really think deeply about the event:

For fuck’s sake. You know what’s even worse? People are actually casting votes on the goddamn thing. “She didn’t” is currently leading with 56%, in this crucial test for the Democratic party.

8 thoughts on “CBS2 isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions”

  1. Well OBVIOUSLY the answer is “Oh no, she didn’t,” the rest of the sentence being, “because she was making a political speech, not playing fucking fashion baseball.”

  2. I crave news, but found myself turning off the radio (I don’t even bother with TV) because of the vacuous coverage of the convention. It’s been this way for decades (so it’s actually the status quo). It sucks.

  3. Slackmistress is right. Not only did CBS2 go inane, they went for the cheap, dreaded ghetto cliche.

  4. It was cheap, taudry and in my not so humble opinion catering to the racists out there with the no option. Pinch me, did LA suddenly shift to the Ozarks during the night?

  5. With all due respect, you have to ask yourself this: What’s worse? CBS2 for putting up that poll, readers who responded…..or that someone actually took time out of their day to blog about how lame it was?

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