Monday Bullets: Where In The World Is Westlake?

  • Sunset Junction isn’t what it used to be, and that ain’t a good thing. Militant Angeleno finds hipsters and “racially segregated” stages, all while looking in from the outside of a chainlink fence. Tear down this wall!
  • The L.A. Times is asleep at the word processor again. LA Cowboy gives them a history lesson about the historic Westlake neighborhood. It is now virtually impossible for them to graduate without extra credit.
  • LAist reports that Downtown L.A. could see the return of a streetcar within 5 years. Mainly, because Metro would not be in charge. (UPDATE: CurbedLA points to a Downtown News report that it could be 2 years away. 2 YEARS!!!)
  • When Are We Going To California? would like to ask LAX a few questions about their security procedures. Why are the lines always so long? Why can’t you hire more TSA workers? Does the full body cavity search include a happy ending?

David Markland contributed to Monday Bullets. He’s swell.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Bullets: Where In The World Is Westlake?”

  1. I suppose the happy ending for a full cavity search depends on the person, I’d suspect the dude that likes the prostate exam will like the cavity search too. Just a guess.

  2. I’m disappointed. I thought When Are We Going To California would have something more to say about it, but you basically reprinted the whole thing. A personal experience with TSA frottage? An explanation of how to fix it? Nothing.

    Someone please tell When Are We Going To California that I’d like a follow-up.

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