Huell Howser on Life, Death and Celebrity as told to a blogger

Being a blogger in LA opens up doors that a blogger in say, Bakersfield will never have.  First is we get access to some really interesting people.  At a bloggers picnic you get to meet other bloggers in the area and share ideas on how to be more than a gabacho on a keyboard.  I met Aaron Proctor at an LA Bloggers picnic a while back.  AP has managed to parlay his blogging into some tradtional writing and published with ink not electrons.

I wrote a while back about his interview with Huell Howser for the Pasadena Weekly.  The interview went well and the actual article was on the stands late last week.  You can read it online “Lunch with Huell”.  It is actually a fun read, the most entertaining part was Huell’s wishes for his own death.

“I heard somewhere that you want to die on the air …

I want it to happen at the end of a show. I’m saying my goodbyes to everyone and then suddenly I clutch my heart and fall over. The credits roll as the dust covers me and everyone at home says, ‘Well, Huell had a good run but I think that’s his last episode.’ … I want to be cremated. I’ve made a list of my favorite 20 places in California, and it’s going to be a two-week vacation where [my sister and her husband] come to California and get my urn full of ashes and go to these 20 places, staying in the best hotels, eating at the finest restaurants, and at each place they leave a piece of Huell.”

Up for discussion is what locations in LA will be home to some of his ashes.  My guess for at least one is the Aztec Hotel here in outer Monrovia as he spent a lot of time there once exploring the hotel with the owner Kathie Reece. He even showed up for the party there on night the episode aired.  Your guess where he’ll leave a little ash in LA?

(ps…I have the permission of the blogger author to borrow the quote).

5 thoughts on “Huell Howser on Life, Death and Celebrity as told to a blogger”

  1. Heh.It’s kinda gruesome but I’ll join in. I think good ol’ Huell would like part of himself scattered at Point Reyes.

  2. I didn’t get gruesome so much as nice guy sharing his 20 favorite spots with his sister after he’s gone. He’s the one who said earlier in the interview that his favorite places were secrets. My guess is that those secret spots are where he wants his ashes dropped.

    Don’t tempt me with a secret, I get too curious and I have all of LA to help me piece it together.

  3. The only gruesome thing to me is Howser’s voice. It sounds like an old hound slinking off the porch to the back woods behind the still, in its last throes of howling death. It’s too bad, because the substance and locations of Howser’s program are fascinating, especially for a noob who would love to learn more about California. But I am physically unable to listen to him for more than 20 seconds.

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