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One of the coolest things about the Internet is how much it expands your world.  Over the last 20 years I’ve been online, I’ve met some really awesome people.  This past week, Rachael Joy, Whit Scott and VinVin of Seesmic were down from SF to attend the Filmmakers Alliance VisionFest08.  (Check out the Q & A they did with director, Kevin Smith.) They offered to host us LA Seesmicers for a meetup that was just too much fun.

We met at Lucy’s El Adobe on Melrose.  I lived off Melrose for 8 years and never once went to this place.  I was impressed by the way it looks and the food…well, it’s better than El Coyote, but there’s much better Mexican food to be had at El Arco Iris, The Gardens of Taxco and Hecho en Mexico, but none of them compare to the awesome service we got at Lucy’s El Adobe.  Oh and get this, I carpooled with a girl I met in Vegas last week, who just happened to grow up in El Sereno not far from where I live now.  My world just shrunk y’all.

People from Orange County to Ventura County attended as did recent transplants from Texas.  And of course, you’re truly was there.  Unlike other meetups, where you’re not sure what a person looks like, since we all use Seesmic regularly, it was more like meeting friends that you hadn’t seen physically in a while.  There was no hesistancy, “Um…are you..faboo mama?” They already knew what I looked like thanks to video.  I like to post some of the Seesmic videos after the event, but the last time I used Seesmic here, I broke the blog, so you get photo links instead. You can check out more pictures from me, mayjah, hkebe, dwelch and ultimatewhit.

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