Old Skool El Lay

Friday night after a screening of “The Wrecking Crew” at the Arclight, I was chatting with a friend, telling him about our car being stolen.  He said, “How did you get here?  RTD?”  I said, “Did you mean Metro?” and we started laughing and launched into: Yeah, took the RTD. Had to stop at Alpha-Beta for a few groceries though.  But three’s a crowd at Lucky!  I was listening to Oingo-Boingo and missed the stop.  Did you have lunch at Fatburger?  No but I made a pig of myself at Farrell’s.

It was a wacky 2 minute giggle down LA memory lane.

(Okay, okay, I know Fatburger still exists, but it seems way more old skool to me these days.)

For great images of A+B and Lucky back in the day, click here and here. And holy cow, you can still go to Farrell’s!  (We even had Farrell’s in Hawaii when I was really little.)

17 thoughts on “Old Skool El Lay”

  1. I am FREAKING OUT right now that Farrell’s is back!!! I’ve GOT to make a trek up there and order a giant flaming Volcano sundae!!!

  2. Your trip would not have been complete without a stop at Fedco, followed up by a visit to Gemco.

  3. and did you stop by Bullock’s or The Broadway on the way back?

    and since you mention Hawaii… I was listening to Michael Qseng on the way to Gibson’s to pick up a few new POGs when I had to stop at PRI Gas Express to fill up. Decided to pick up a gift at Honolulu Book Store at Pearlridge Phase II, but wound up going to Jelly’s instead. Still couldn’t find what I needed, so I headed back across the street to Liberty House.

  4. Franklin Ave — awesome! Did you ride on the SkySlide? Or buy tickets for a concert at the HIC?

    Man, you are making me crave Zippy’s chili.

  5. I never was a fan of the Broadway though they made a wicked “taco salad”.

    I was a bullock’s boy. TO to be precise, if it weren’t for the time I did there I never would have met the lovely missus…she was the christmas manager, I was mens and we ALWAYS used the freight elevator for quick trips upstairs. ;)

  6. Aw man. I still love those wacky Alpha Beta shallow, square carts. Those don’t hold as much but at least I don’t halfway fall in when reaching for something in the corner. Ah, Fedco — how I miss thee.

  7. Had the best birthday ever at Farrell’s in Ala Moana center in Hawaii..sirens,hubbub and stomach ache..once done at Zippy’s how about a malasada from Leonard’s (or 5)? Back to El Lay..let’s not forget Fred R. Rated from the Federated Group to get the latest in 8-track technology and Buffums..

  8. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm
    Malasadas! I have 3 packages from Tex Drive In of “malasada mix” but haven’t gotten around to making it and heating the oil…one of these days.

  9. Sorry I’m so late on the reply chain, I was having some fun playing mini-golf at Malibu Castle, then we drove the Malibu Grand Prix go-karts.

    Farrels is back!!! w00t!! Remember when they changed some of the stores to “Barrels” by painting the “F” to look like a “B”??

    Gotta go. Need to buy some clothes from the May Co. then I’m buying a new big screen TV from Shadow Stevens at Federated…..Federated………..Federated.

  10. That’s Fred Rated for Federated.

    Remember when Federateds became Silos? I just remember all these ads about “Silos are coming!”

    People know about the Clifton’s in Downtown, but anyone remember that there used to be other Clifton’s locations? I always went to the one in the Lakewood Mall. My grandma would let me get two bowls of Jello.

    Los Anjealous has a series of posts on vintage LA TV commercials. Anyone remember Officer Byrd?

  11. The Militant would looove to enter this semi-alternate reality Los Angeles where he can buy an iPod at Federated, and then walk into the nearest Music Plus, Wherehouse, Musicland or Licorice Pizza and buy the latest album for %5.99. Of course, it’s gonna be a challenge converting that LP into a digital format, but he’s sure that his ultra-powerful Commodore 64, purchased at Phil & Jim’s, can do it somehow.

  12. am lovin this trip down memory lane. Thrifty’s. Gemco. Bullock’s. Buffums. Licorice Pizza. Zody’s (i remember sitting on my dad’s shoulders celebrating a Zody’s grand opening). We never had a Commodore 64, but I did my best to make our Radio Shack TRS-80 play the same kinda games. But gotta run – my friends just scored tickets to the Arsenio Hall show. :)

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