Found on Road Alive: VW Thing

Volkswagen Thing LA Bound on the 210
Volkswagen Thing LA Bound on the 210

I had to do a quick double take to make sure it was the real deal VW “Thing”.  It was indeed.  This trusty rear engine, air-cooled VW military vehicle for civilian use went on sale in the US in 1972 and lasted through the 1974 model year.  What killed it here was increased auto emission standards and safety standards.  A whopping total 90,883 were built for civilian and military use during its model run from 1968 – 1983.

Pic with my trusty phone cam by the trusty spouse (well I do have to watch where I am going,don’t I?)

5 thoughts on “Found on Road Alive: VW Thing”

  1. My friend that lived across the street from my parents when I was a kid restored a Thing when he was in high school. Painted it bright yellow, and got the license plate 8NOTHNG (to be pronounced “ain’t no thing”).

  2. Good catch. I’ve only seen one other Thing out here, an orange one in Venice with the word “THING” on its license plate. What creeps me out is how closely the Thing resembles the staff cars used by the Nazis in WWII. I hate Nazis.

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