When Bloggers Collide

In Sean’s famous post “What is Metroblogging, and where the hell is my umbrella?”, which I recommend that everyone read, one commenter quoted a Metblogger from Karachi as writing “You know karachi is a small place when two metblog authors meet up at the traffic light.”  I guess Metblogging has made Los Angeles a small place too, because yesterday, I had such a traffic light moment inside a diner right here in L.A.

I took someone to lunch yesterday near her neighborhood of Fox Hills, and told her to suggest the place.  We ended up going to Dinah’s Family Restaurant on the corner of Sepulveda and Centinela. Since I’m a fan of retro eateries, Dinah’s has been on my list. We walked inside, and the main dining room seemed very busy, so I asked to be seated in the somewhat smaller back room. It turned out that the back room was pretty noisy too. It was full of kids. And there was one big “party” table with a bunch of balloons in the center. We walked by the party table, and there, sitting at one end, was a familiar-looking guy with dark hair, a beard, a black cape, and a Batman sticker on his chest. I thought maybe he was the entertainment for a birthday party at his table.

Then I realized that the bearded guy was none other than fellow Los Angeles Metblogger Steve of the Mark and Steve show.  This was real kismet, since Steve and I had not yet met in person.  He said that he was there with co-workers to help one of the co-workers celebrate his upcoming fatherhood.  Great to meet you, Steve!  It’s meetings like these that remind me that bloggers are a community, and that is especially true among Metblogging communities such as Los Angeles.

Now before I get all misty-eyed, I should include a mini-review of Dinah’s.  Two words: not impressed.  I had fried chicken and a pancake (I know, odd combo outside the world of Roscoe’s patrons, but I wanted some protein with my carbs).  The chicken, for which Dinah’s is apparently famous, was bland.  The pancake was overcooked and stiff, as if it had been sitting in a giant stack in the kitchen for many minutes before being put on my plate, which it probably was.  My lunch partner said that it looked just like a McDonald’s pancake, and she was exactly right.  Apparently, someone wasn’t in the kitchen with Dinah.  Or, Dinah, you really did blow.

However, it was worth it to go there just for the company.

11 thoughts on “When Bloggers Collide”

  1. I agree dinah’s isn’t anything special. Try pann’s, which isn’t that far away. La Tijera and La Cienega.

  2. I dig me some Dinah’s now and again. It is what it is.

    And isn’t Pann’s where they filmed the Pulp Fiction restaurant scenes with Sam Jackson and John Travolta? If so, reason enough for me to go.

  3. I ran into fellow OC metblogger Jon twice in 2 weeks! And, though I didn’t actually “see” him, I was in the same Apple store at the same time, as OC metblogger Jeff, aka fejsez! (ok so he works there, but it happened none-the-less)

  4. The real feat will be to cross my path during a wild meander…though fans of my art tend to find me in the oddest places and recognize my car. That is actually very interesting when a total stranger stops me with “aren’t you frazgo?” It unnerves my wife to no end, me I think it is more funny than creepy.

  5. Dinah’s is supposed to be LA’s best bbq? I’d have a hard time swallowing that. I hear Jaybee’s in Gardena is the best. Unfortunately, the day I met friends there happened by coincidence to be the day after it was featured on the Food Network, and the line was waaay too long to wait.

  6. Matt, not meaning to side line your post but…
    Faboomama…am a St Louis style snob, mainly ’cause I learned ‘cue in the hills just south of there while I was in high-school. We need a BBQ throw down on metblogs sometime.

  7. Yeah Dinah’s is nothing special and their chicken is especially bland for a place that’s supposed to be famous for it’s chicken. I think they even have a bucket on the sign…Pann’s Onion rings are awesome and you get the Pulp Fiction vibe to boot.

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