Yes, Frackin’ Way: “Battlestar Galactica” back on the big screen!

Remember when Starbuck had a penis?
Remember when Starbuck had a penis?

The original “Battlestar Galactica” (1978) on double bill with Disney’s “The Black Hole” (1979) at the New Beverly, August 31st thru September 2nd.

Only a handful of Galactica fans know (or were even born) that eight months after the original Battlestar Galactica’s pilot premiered on television, it was released in American theatres as a feature film?

Here’s another movie geek tidbit, courtesy IMDB:

In 1979, was released theatrically in “Sensurround”. This was the fourth film to be presented in this short-lived process, a special low-frequency bass speaker setup consisting of four huge speakers loaned by distributors to select theaters showing the film. This system was employed only during certain sequences, and was so powerful that it actually cracked plaster at some movie theaters. “Sensurround” was used in only three other films released by Universal: Earthquake (1974), Midway (1976) and Rollercoaster (1977).

I’m not sure if the New Beverly will be employing Sensurround when this hits their screens next weekend, but paired with the Ernest Borgnine, Jr. classic, “The Black Hole,” I’ll gladly shell out $7. Toss in a large Coke, Jujyfruits, and some comic books to read during the intermission, and it’ll be just like I was seven again… can someone call my mom to pick me up?

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