Griffith Park: Vote as Historic-Cultural Monument

This came across my desk this morning…I’m running out of town, so I confess to not researching this as thoroughly as I should have. However, it seemed appropriate to get this out here…but I thought the park was already a historic monument? Maybe not? Sorry–I should have been on my way this morning to get here. Will post pics from the road.

Here’s a quick and easy way to support Griffith Park. The LA Daily News is running a poll TODAY ONLY. You can vote to support Griffith Park’s Historic-Cultural Monument designation.

Scroll about half way down the page. It’s on the left side, Friday’s Online Poll.

Please vote to support the park!

2 thoughts on “Griffith Park: Vote as Historic-Cultural Monument”

  1. Former Office of Historic Resources intern here (I saw the Griffith Park HCM application file, and it was enormous). There are sites in Griffith Park that are HCMs–Travel Town, the observatory, and Fern Dell–but the entire park is not.

    It should be pointed out that even if the park becomes an HCM, city ordinances would still allow new development within the park–HCM status, for better or for worse, doesn’t lock something into place as we see it.

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