Thursday Night Twilight Dance at the Pier

Since my foray into living on the Westside for the summer, Thursday night has turned into a lot more fun!

My fabulous man Dan and I grab a bottle of wine, some good eats, a blanket and our bikes, then pedal over to the Santa Monica Pier for a little action. It’s the Twilight Dance Series on the pier and it’s a blast. Hundreds and hundreds of people gather on the sand below the pier, spread out their food and chill out with groovy music. There’s dancing up on the pier deck… but some on the sand too!

It’s a super fun scene. A nice add-on is the free ‘bike valet’. So if you ride your bike, the valets give you a ticket and watch it for you. No stress and easy access. Gotta love that. 7-10 pm on Thursdays. Tonight is Peter & Gordon with Gerry and the Pacemakers. Next week it’s Reggae Action.

Note: Next Thursday looks like the last one in this summer series.