Green Bin Table Scrap Collection for the Masses

Eco-conscious Angelenos were doubtless thrilled at last week’s news that the city is starting a pilot program that allows citizens on a select few sanitation routes to dump their table scraps and “food-soiled” materials in the green bin for composting. Great news, but I thought we could already use the green bins for all kinds of organic waste like lumber and past-their-prime veggies. Fortunately, Siel of the Times’ Emerald City blog answered this question a few months ago, clarifying that the green bins are an appropriate resting place for food scaps that don’t contain any animal products, as well as grass, leaves, weeds, tree branches, and clean wood. Those new-fangled compostable plastics? Not so much. Unless, as pointed out on Emerald City more recently, you live in the city of Santa Monica, who recently began sending the contents of their green bins to an appropriate industrial-grade composting facility in Sun Valley. So, only the lucky few residents in Harbor Gateway, Lincoln Heights and South Los Angeles that are part of the city’s new program can throw their chicken bones and pizza boxes in the green bin, but the rest of us can and should still use it for our corn cobs and rotten apples.

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  1. Thanks for the clarification. If only I’d known these details, I could have been composting my Verterra plates all this time! They’re made from fallen palm leaves apparently, which would have otherwise been agricultural waste. That’s it.

    That’s it.

    Somehow they’re super tough, and I’ve been able to wash and reuse them multiple times. And I hear you can even bake with them. As for composting, they say they take 3 months in a home composting system. Or as I now know, just put them in the green bin. Nice! An eco slam dunk here, I’d say.

    Here’s a recent article I saw on them and their site

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