Dangerbird Records moves on up

Silver Lake-based Dangerbird Records is moving their offices to Sunset and Lucile this fall. Home to Silversun Pickups, Sea Wolf, La Rocca and Darker My Love, to name a few, the indie label is moving into the building previously occupied by Bungalow and is now wrapped in an eye-popping ad for the latest release from Darker My Love as renovations are made.

The label’s Matt Solodky plays it cool when asked about the significance of the move.

There’s really not much info to share. We’re moving our offices in the fall!”

The higher profile location speaks to their growing success. Chevrolet ads with music by Silversun Pickups and Sea Wolf are running on NBC during the Olympics; A & E’s hot new show The Cleaner featured a song by another of the label’s bands, Eulogies, and Esquire magazine writes about the September release coming from La Rocca.

One thought on “Dangerbird Records moves on up”

  1. that’s a shame. what really needed to go in that space was a market of sorts. the only thing really lacking in that section of silver lake is a market. trader joe’s, vons, gelsons, and ralph’s are so spread out that it does not encourage the small walking trips.
    what we need are more local businesses that actual contribute to the neighborhood. not records label head quarters. what good will come out of this? more hipsters? yay!!!! more tight pants and shaggy hair-do’s.

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