Hey, Brother, Can You Spare $90,000?

Spotted on craigslist:

I Need To Borrow $90,000 – $90000 (Los Angeles)
Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2008-08-15, 12:43PM PDT

I’m willing to pay 20 percent interest over 18 years. I am gainfully employed and just need immediate help to stem late payment fees and high interest rates. Would happily sign contract and even agree to direct deposit. I have a fully legitimate job which has a human resources department that can take care of the paperwork. I am not asking for any of your financial information. Just a guy in need of help. These are not gambling debts. They are all college and car loans and a small percentage of credit card debt. If you can afford it, I would really appreciate the assistance. Thanks.

The “economic slowdown” continues.

7 thoughts on “Hey, Brother, Can You Spare $90,000?”

  1. I’ve got credit card debt, a car load, medical bills and other debt (my student loans are paid though) but they don’t total 90K or anything even close to that. How does someone who doesn’t have a mortgage owe 90K?

  2. If someone is considering lending out money to this dude, I have a better deal — $20,000 lent to me, a gainfully employed journalist (not in newspapers).

  3. Really, someone doesn’t know how you can have $90,000 in debt? I had $90,000 and have brought it down to about $85,000 over the past year, and that is JUST student loan debt. I have at least another $5,000 in credit card debt. Try going to USC and having absolutely no help from family with academic financing. It’s actually very easy to have that much debt without a mortgage.

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