Three Minute Trip: Midnight Ride

Today’s annotated timelapse finds your intrepid urban cyclist on his way home hungry from a long day and late Monday night at his Westchester office. His stomach, as vacant as the city’s midnight streets demands sustenance! So what will it be: Midnight tacos at East Hollywood’s El Gran? A Tommy’s double-cheese in Hi-Fitown? Or will a flagrant flat tire doom the destination?


10 thoughts on “Three Minute Trip: Midnight Ride”

  1. Duuudddddeeeee – that was AMAZING. Your absolute best yet, if I could give you an award I would. I am so totally envious that get to see so much of the city up close and personal, memorizing each little bit of LA as you ride through. Thanks so much for sharing this one. ITS a total keeper.

  2. yeah, this is very cool will. you’ve got me *this* close to buying a new camera for the time lapse function.

  3. wow! almost everything about riding a bike is in this clip.
    I added to my favorite in light speed. thanks for sharing this.

  4. What streets did you take in Crestview? I used to live on Sherbourne, and I wouldn’t be riding through there at night…

  5. Thanks, Evan. I cut along the southeastern side of Crestview. From Venice I turn left onto Cattaraugus, then a quick right onto Corning, another on Olin, a left onto Garth which goes under the 10 and becomes Corning again, which I take up to Cadillac, then a left back onto Garth up to Guthrie for a right that takes me across La Cienega and into the more peaceable air of Faircrest Heights.

    My trips through Crestview have been mostly uneventful except for one time with a semi-mad dog who wasn’t having any of my attempts at dog whispering to him. There’s a couple accumulations of resident punks who eyeball me in passing like I must be lost and stupid, but it hasn’t gone beyond the occasional yell-at.

  6. I’d be less concerned with yell-ats than drive-bys. There was one out in front of our apartment the night we moved in. Our neighbor confessed to us the next morning that the landlord told her not to tell us anything if we asked if the neighborhood was safe. Then there was the morning the SWAT team was blocking our driveway while they stormed the apartment building across the street–we had to ask the Robocop-looking officers with M16s if they could move their van so we could leave for work.

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