Los Angeles, I missed you

It’s always amazing to me how much I miss LA when I leave.  Not that I get homesick or anything, it’s just the little things that you’re used to living in this phenomenal city.  I went to Las Vegas for the New Media Expo.  It was the 4th year of the event and I learned that the previous 3 years it was held in Ontario, CA.

One of the things that cracks me up about Vegas is how little LA landmarks have been integrated into some of the hotels.  For example the awful replica of Farmers Market in the MGM.  I don’t know or care who thought this was a great idea, but seeing the Farmers Market’s graphic in Vegas has been so off-putting to me over the years, that I won’t even walk by the place.  It’s jarring to see national chains behind the white and green signs that aren’t even within a mile of the actual Farmers Market.

I was only gone for 4 days and being so busy with work the past few weeks, I haven’t really been able to get out and about.  Yet, being in Las Vegas gave me the urge to make the time to get out and play tourist to LA.

6 thoughts on “Los Angeles, I missed you”

  1. Oh Faaboo we missed you. I have to admit I love being a tourist where I live. So many cool things to see and do. Heaven help the out-of-towner who I get to play tour guide for.

  2. @militantangeleno: I have no idea what that means.
    @frazgo: Yes, I bore my out-of-state guests to tears taking around the city, but man if I didn’t they’d think LA was only Hollywood, Disneyland and beaches.

    I think my weekend hangover is pretty much gone, so I’m going to hit a hotspot today after the kids wake.

  3. Really LA is amazing… the award shows just add spice to it as well. Have you heard that this years Emmys will have Heidi, Ryan, Tom, Jeff and Howie on Saturday 9/21 on ABC? All of those personalities sharing the spotlight…. that now that will be interesting….

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