LA Sheriff expanding ID and Deportation of undocumented immigrants

The Pasadena Star News is reporting that the LA Sheriff Dept is going to be increasing their participation in the Federal 287(g) program.  The program in its simplest terms is local law enforcement being trained in the questioning of suspected criminals they have detained in jail to determine their legal status in the country.  Those that fail are handed over to Immigration with many often deported.  Many of those deported wind up back in LA county jails after they re-enter the US and caught doing a new crime.

They report that County Supervisor Antonovich asked for and received support to increase the number of trained officers in 287(g) by 5 officers.  It was approved, with the total officers trained to be 12 by September 1, 2008.

Is it just me or does this seem like throwing more money at a problem without addressing the underlying causes?  Some commenting on the Star News Groups Topix link seem to think so.

3 thoughts on “LA Sheriff expanding ID and Deportation of undocumented immigrants”

  1. So, wait, Fraz – we’re throwing tax dollars away protecting our country…and not throwing them away to help LA expand their public transit or to “fix” our schools that we already gave money to back in the 90’s that they wasted?

    Illegal immigration is a national security issue.

    I’m glad my tax dollars are actually at work sometimes.

  2. Restating its diverting resources to a Fed problem and then once in the circle of deport-arrest-deport again gets rolling it is more good money after bad. The good money should go for exactly what you note schools and transit.

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