Tom LaBonge describes Griffith Park fire as “suspicious”*

Photo by Burns! used under Creative Commons
Photo by Burns! used under Creative Commons

As I write this, three brush fires continue to burn in the northeast corner of Griffith Park. The first was reported by the Los Angeles Fire Department at 2:17pm near the Travel Town area, followed by reports of two additional fires 30 minutes later.

According to ABC7, City Councilman Tom LaBonge has described the fires as “suspicious.”

Additional note from Lindsay Williams-Ross at LAist:

This is the third fire since July 27 to strike the same general area of Griffith Park. The second fire was on August 4 burning approximately 3 acres while the one in July scorched around 25 acres.

Is a serial arsonist at work in Griffith Park?

*Update (6:42pm): In an email, LAFD spokesman Brian Humphreys responded to me:

Barring some formal statement today from our Arson Investigators or our PIO’s (Captain Hogan or Captain Haro), the earlier fires in Griffith Park remain  – as far as our office is concerned [emphasis added] – under investigation.

He adds that LaBonge’s comments “should rightfully be attributed to him as a City elected leader.”

One thought on “Tom LaBonge describes Griffith Park fire as “suspicious”*”

  1. As we drove past Forest Lawn this afternoon and stopped to snap that photo, I commented to my friend that it did seem a little unusual that this fire occurred so close to where there was just another fire a couple of weeks ago. Hmm…

    Hopefully, Brian Humphreys (who is always so good with passing along the info anyway) will keep us updated as to what the investigators discover.

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