Smoke On The Horizon

39 -0700

Can’t really tell from the two-megapixelness of my camphone, but there’s smoke climbing up above the Griffith Park ridgeline. Can’t tell if its in those hills or someplace in the valley beyond it (click to get to bigger versions on Flickr).

3 thoughts on “Smoke On The Horizon”

  1. Per the LAFD announcement group on Google:

    Aug 16, 2:17 pm
    *Brush Fire* 184 Griffith Park x Travel Town; MAP 563-H4; FS 76; Fire reported by Park Rangers, approx 3 acres of medium brush. Nothing further.; Ch:9,13 @ -d’Lisa Davies###

    Aug 16, 2:42 pm
    *UPDATE: 184 Griffith Park x Travel Town* CHP requested to shut down the East & west bound ramps to Zoo Dr. – d’Lisa Davies###

    Aug 16, 2:50 pm
    *UPDATE: 184 Griffith Park x Travel Town* 2 additional fires reported in the Griffith Park area. Nothing further. – d’Lisa Davies###

  2. Damn, Fraz! You’re fast. Sent that from the front gates of Forest Lawn, and you had it here 1/2 an hour before I could even get home to check for mention of the fire.

    Pretty impressive looking fire (though you can’t tell from my crappy cellphone cam,) but I’m guessing LAFD will have it knocked down fairly quickly. One concern is that it is very close to the equestrian center on the other side of the 134. I saw quite a few riders bringing their horses back in near Travel Town. Hope no one was trapped up on the ridge.

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