Reminder! Yard Sale Tomorrow!

If by some chance you happened to miss the post I made earlier this week this is your reminder. Tomorrow, a few of us here from Metblogs and a few of our friends will be teaming up and selling a bunch of our stuff in Silver Lake. Read the other post for specifics, but it’s at 1724 Golden Gate Ave from 10am to 3pm. I don’t even know how much stuff for sale there will be but it will be lots. So come. Punch and Pie.

One thought on “Reminder! Yard Sale Tomorrow!”

  1. I’m bringing a complete Playstation 2 system, with internet connection thingy, DVD remote, wireless controller and one extra controller, and a handful of awesome games, including God of War 2. Not sure what I’ll unload it all for… but, cheaper than anywhere else!

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