IAAL•MAF Spinvitational Next Week: The Scoot ‘N Shoot Ride

Just wanna drop the info that the long dastardly dearth of IAAL•MAF Spinvitationals going all the way back to February’s Watts Happening II ride is finally coming to an end Thugsday evening (August 21) when the next (No. 8 in case you’re wondering) in our occasional series of open-to-the-public rides gathers in the Arts District and departs at 8 p.m. for a 12-13 mile roll around downtown.

At the conclusion of said scoot segment, any interested riders/firearms enthusiasts are welcome to join us for the shoot portion of the festivities at the indoor firing range of the Los Angeles Gun Club where we’ll be getting the lead out and pushing it through paper targets with a variety of handheld weaponry. Afterwards I’m personally also looking forward to perchance enjoying my first whiskey at the fabled Seven Grand bar, but whether I’ll be drinking alone or not remains to be seen.

Anyway, whether you just plan to bike or shoot or bike and shoot, on this page at the Midnight Ridazz site there’s a muzzle-load of additional info about the ride (including start/finish location and route); the gun club and its rules/regs; even the strangely understandable backstory on how the International Association of Armed Librarians came to get its name.

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  1. Although I haven’t read the LAGC rules yet, I think the fire/hoot/holler activity is in another part of town.

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