environmentally friendly ammo

File this in your “what will they think of next” category.  Spotted it at Walmart.  (It was my once a year visit because no one else had what I needed and had no choice but try there visit.)

pic by me with the trusty cell phone cam.

5 thoughts on “environmentally friendly ammo”

  1. I hope the kids don’t mistake these for gumballs. They’ll get a “surprise in the center” all right.

  2. Why does everyone have to hate on Wal-mart? They’re in business just like everyone else. What’s so wrong about peace love and understanding?

  3. And Frazgo, don’t pretend like you don’t love it at Wallyworld. I see you in there all the time, scooping up sweet deals on bottled water and lawn and garden chairs.

  4. There is no pretending, I avoid that place pretty much at all costs, just some things they have that no one else has so I have little choice.
    I have a lot of reasons for disliking walmart, employment and employee relations is one (my sister worked there 30+ years and retired from there this year), having worked in retail I know too well their bully in the market place attitude. Yes, they have a business to run, I don’t have to approve of their tactics and show my disapproval by not shopping there.

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