After – L.A. River graffiti wall wiped out

A lovely/ugly expanse of beige paint is all that remains
A lovely/ugly expanse of beige paint is all that remains
This is a pretty non-descript section of the L.A. River channel that runs past the Glendale Water & Power plant.

After years of seeing it bombed, blasted and splashed with 40-foot-long full-color-burner graffiti pieces, the forces of conformity decided enough was enough.

For the “BEFORE” view, see the jump.

Colorful urban art or rank vandalism? No matter. It\'s gone now.
Colorful urban art or rank vandalism? No matter. It's gone now.
Maybe I’m late to this happening, but I saw it this morning and have to ask:

Is this an improvement? Have the graffiti-eradication squads beautified a vandalized flood channel or destroyed the only touch of color in an otherwise ugly place that most people just aren’t concerned about?


7 thoughts on “After – L.A. River graffiti wall wiped out”

  1. It is sad that expanses such as this that really are “no harm, no foul” keep getting bieged over. I dislike biege.

    I suppose that fleeting moment quality is just one element of the urban art scene.

    I have 2 garage walls available for permanent installations.

  2. Grey walls are soulless, life-sucking demons which must be destroyed. Just make sure the destruction looks good. I wish they’d spend the time and money cleaning up trash and fixing the streets instead.

  3. I would have liked some sort of faux finish. Mexican tile patterns, or brick.

    Or, we could sell ads on gigantic rotating screens like they do in baseball stadiums.

    “Tear down this wall!”

  4. As much as I hate advertising, it would be better than the grey concrete. Plus there’s the bonus of income which could be used for the River Bike Path (yea, that’ll happen), and the advertisers would be responsible for upkeep and eventual removal.

    Better would be a massive project where Cache, Eyer, and others would Do It Right. I’d love to see 20 foot tall versions of Cache’s chicks lining the river.

    Still, I’d just prefer to let the kids express themselves. One concession might be to have a volunteer crew which would get rid of the truly pernicious stuff.

  5. I like the idea of the kids expressing themselves better. I am so tired everything being given to corporations who turn into giant ads.

  6. This is what the machines want, erase all signs of life in this area, slowly taking over more and more of our fair city. Join the resistance, we can still stop SkyNet from eradicating man from LA.

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