LA Times: Please kill me

LA Central Library’s Aloud Lecture Series’ topic tonight is, “Los Angeles Without the Los Angeles Times?”

The knife sharpening discussion will be moderated by Los Angeles mag’s Kit Rachlis and include, among others, Kevin Roderick, Pulitzer-winning former Times staffer Joel Sappell, Villaraigosa’s chief of staff Robin Kramer and a Times editor the LAT site designates as TBD. To be dumped?

The online edition listing mentions “dead tree journalism,” public trust, community responsibility, blahblah and piles on rhetorical questions like: When is a newspaper not like a pair of sneakers?

Keeping the synergy going, Gawker kindly points to Reflections of a Newsosaur’s helpful gesture of doing the math for LAT’s owner, Tribune/Sam Zell:

… The writeoff, which was effective as of the end of June but announced in an earnings release issued today, means the company’s value has dropped $640,518,500 per month on Sam’s watch – or some $20 million per day.

Tonight, 7 PM; Los Angeles Central Library 630 W. 5th St. Downtown LA; free.

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