ConSequence: The Annotated Parking Tard

Yeah yeah, it’s me again. The guy on the bike, and with another tall tard’s tale to tell — but hang on… This time my idiot du jour isn’t a poor pedestrian jogging on the freeway because the sideways suck. Instead it’s an honest-to-goodness hydrant-blocking, bikelane-squatting red-curb-ignoring, engine idling delivery vehicle that I had to detour into traffic to get around on Venice Boulevard.

But rather than a standard vidclip, I decided to dig down a little deeper into the shallow well of my slideshow skills and offer up an annotated sequence of images, the better to showcase the decidedly non-superior parking stylings of the driver of this Superior Anhausner Foods truck, as well as the bus driver who may have saved my life by giving me the room to get around and get on down the road:


P.S. The Quicktime clip is here in case the YouTube embed doesn’t shine through or the resolution is crap and you don’t wanna go view it from its direct page.

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