Can you help a kitty out?

I’d like you to meet Kira and Chi Pig – two lovely ladies in search of a new home.

As some of you know I am moving to London, in less than two weeks, for graduate school (You can read all about it on Although I’m excited beyond words for the next step in my life it doesn’t come without its complications such as, well, leaving my beloved Los Angeles, selling really fabulous furniture, and finding a new home for my sweet kitties. I’m like a cat on a hot tin roof trying to find the right new parents and that’s where I’m hoping a Metblogs reader can help me…

Pictured above are Kira (the calico) and Piggy (the tabby). They are roughly thirteen years old and I’ve had them since they were wee-babies. No health problems except for the occasional fur ball. Kira is the sweetest thing ever and Pig, well, let’s just say the cat has some serious personality. Since my dogs have temporarily relocated to my parents’ house, the cats are much happier so I would say that a home without dogs would be best but they certainly can, and have, managed just fine.

Please contact me (at caryn at if you’re interested and think you can handle the cuteness of their meows, snuggles, and cat fights. These girls are my children and I wouldn’t ever let them go unless I absolutely had no choice. I’m bummed but want to make sure they have the best life possible. I hope to hear from someone awesome soon!!