Where to find $3.99 gas in L.A. – you may need to pinch yourself.

I know you’ve caught yourself saying this at some point while driving past a gas station this summer: “Look, gas is only $4.25 a gallon!”

But imagine my excitement when I saw gas under the $4 mark today!

To celebrate, and for informational value, I logged every gas station I passed on my drive from down by LAX to home, marking the cost of 87 octane.

The highest was at the 76 station at 6th & La Brea, at $4.25 per gallon, while four gas stations dared to sell fuel at $3.99 per gallon. Their exact locations in bold after the jump…

  • Mobil, Centinela & La Cienega: $4.09
  • Chevron, Coliseum & La Brea: $3.99
  • 76, Jefferson & La Brea: $4.05
  • Chevron, Adams & La Brea: $4.09
  • Valero, 23rd & La Brea: $3.99
  • Chevron, Washington & La Brea: $4.07
  • 76, Venice & La Brea: $4.07
  • United, Pico & La Brea: $3.99
  • Arco, Olympic & La Brea: $3.99
  • 76, 6th St. & La Brea: $4.25
  • Valero, Beverly & La Brea: $4.01
  • Chevron, Beverly & La Brea: $4.05
  • Chevron, Melrose & La Brea: $4.11
  • Shell, Fountain & La Brea: $4.19

Has anyone seen even cheaper gas around Los Angeles?

10 thoughts on “Where to find $3.99 gas in L.A. – you may need to pinch yourself.”

  1. 76 on Figueroa in Highland park, $3.84 I believe. Every gas station on the corner is under $4.

  2. In my neck of L.A., the Mobil station at Topanga Cyn and Victory in Woodland Hills/Canoga Park is reliably low. I filled up there the other day for $3.95 a gallon.

  3. I spotted a couple of places in West Covina under $4/gallon by a short hair. I’m not quite singing “happy days are here again” but in real world terms it is about $15 less per fill/$60 per car more back in my pocket so I am breathing a bit easier.

  4. 3.99 at the ARCOs on Foothill/Daisy and Colorado/Kinneloa in eastern Pasadena.

    The ARCO on Colorado/Kinneloa also has the CHEAPEST cigs in town. Most major brands are $3.50 or under!!!!!!!

  5. Fill up fast, before gas goes up again because of the mess in Georgia (major pipelines there). I have no idea if the flow of oil has been interrupted because of the conflict, just know that “instability” means more $$$ for the oil companies.

  6. I don’t know the brand, but the station at the Balboa offramp of the 118 had gas for $3.91!

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